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Professional Intumescent Paint Contractors

Intumescent coatings are an important tool in the fight against fire. The intumescent coating provides an additional layer of protection for building materials, helping to slow the spread of flames and prevent structural damage.

By enlisting the services of professional intumescent paint contractors, you can ensure that your property is properly protected.

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Our Expert Intumescent Coating Service

We are experienced, professional intumescent paint contractors. At USP Coatings, we spray paint the coating, allowing the intumescent paint to be applied evenly; an in-depth understanding of the application is crucial for the effectiveness of the coating.

Proper surface preparation is also essential when applying intumescent coatings. The surface should be clean, dry, and free of debris or contaminants. Any existing coatings should also be removed to ensure proper adhesion.

With a full ten-year guarantee on all of intumescent coating services, you can have complete confidence in the durability of our work.

How do Intumescent Coating Systems Work?

Fires can reach incredibly high temperatures, often reaching 1000℃ or more. This can pose a severe threat to the structural integrity of a building, putting the occupants at risk. 

Intumescent coating systems are designed to prevent the collapse of a building by protecting the load-bearing capacity of steel beams and columns. 

Intumescent coatings work by releasing a foam-like substance when exposed to high temperatures. This foam expands and forms a thick, insulating layer over the surface it is applied to. This layer helps to slow down the spread of flames, preventing them from reaching the structural elements of the building.

The thickness of the intumescent coating is an essential factor to consider, as thicker coatings provide more fire protection but may be more challenging to apply and require more drying time. 

It is important to choose the right thickness for your specific needs and to work with professional contractors like USP Coatings, as we have the experience and expertise to apply the coatings correctly.

More Reasons to Go With Shop Front Spraying


Another benefit of shop front spraying is its cost savings compared to other renovation methods. It is typically more affordable than repainting or installing new cladding, as it requires less labour and materials. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or those on a tight budget.

High-Quality Finish

Shop front spraying also offers a high-quality finish that is durable and long-lasting. The spray-on coating is applied evenly and smoothly, producing a professional new-looking finish resistant to chipping, peeling, and fading.


This means that your shop front will look fresh and new for longer, saving you money on maintenance and upkeep in the long run.


Shop front spraying is a sustainable option for renovating a commercial building and generates less waste than traditional methods. This can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and positively impact the environment.

Intumescent Paint for Steel

If not treated, a thick or thin film of intumescent coating typically has a thick, white paint-like appearance.

While intumescent paint is white or clear, it can also be covered with a top seal of colour for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

This allows for more colour options, as the coating can be customised to fit the desired appearance or to match the brand.

The Cost of Intumescent Coatings

Some fire protection contractors provide various types of fire protection methods. When they provide you with a quote, the cost of intumescent painting is based on the cost per square meter. USP Coatings specialises in spray painting intumescent paint, so to accurately estimate the cost of your project, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Professional Intumescent Painters Near Me

If you’re looking for intumescent painters near me or intumescent painters near London, then you will be pleased to know that we operate all across the UK, providing a national service.

Professional intumescent paint contractors, like ourselves at USP Coatings, can help you determine the level of fire protection required and the desired finish for your project.

Our team is available nationwide to provide solutions based on your specific requirements and to ensure that the coatings are applied in a correctly controlled environment.

Fire protection does not need to be difficult, and we can guide you through the project. Contact one of the team for advice or information about our intumescent coating services.